Support PAU

… Your help is needed

The Pan-Atlantic University needs and receives support from persons from all walks of life, who freely contribute to the needs of the University in order to aid in its development.

Every academic year, these contributions are dedicated to:

  • Infrastructure: Construction or renovation of research and teaching facilities.
  • Research: Scholarships for researchers, financing for projects.

These contributions make up the primary source of financing for infrastructural development and research at the University.

Pan-Atlantic University needs support to be able to implement its expansion programme. Funds contributed for this purpose will achieve much more than creating some additional capacity in the Nigerian educational system; they will have a strategic impact in the economic development of Nigeria by contributing to create a much-needed centre of excellence in higher education in the country.

While most universities in Nigeria, both public and private, were concentrating on rapid expansion, Pan-Atlantic University acted very differently: it expanded slowly and concentrated its efforts on improving quality to a world-class standard.

After having established a culture and a set of systems capable of delivering consistent high quality, Pan-Atlantic University is now poised to start expanding its offerings and have a broader impact on the economy and the educational system of Nigeria. The objective is to create a world-class university which will offer both undergraduate and graduate programmes and which will preserve and enhance the tradition of excellence which has characterized the units which already exist.

There are various ways to help:

  • Cash contributions.
  • Donations, bequests, legacies.
  • Scholarships and grants for study and research.
  • Agreements for research collaboration.
  • Other donations:
    • Stocks, securities and participation in investment funds.
    • Real estate.
    • Donation of usufruct or life annuity.
    • Benefits of life insurance policies.

If you would like to request further information or submit a comment, you may contact:

Mr. Frank Wiggle (Director, University Relations & Development)
Phone number: 0802 309 2135