Professionals from day one


Professionals from day one

Arriving at the University, you’ll be faced with a new situation with its own unique characteristics. In all circumstances of life, it is important to consider the context in which you find yourself and behave appropriately.

The University is known for being a centre of higher-education teaching and research that prepares its students to become skilled professionals. In some ways, your professional life starts from your very first day at the University; thus, the basic attitude we expect from students is one of professionalism. Furthermore, university education contributes to the development of the person as a whole; therefore, you will acquire not only knowledge, but also habits and attitudes that are vital for university and professional life.

Professionalism has practical consequences that can be summed in the following aspects:

  • Work well: with responsibility and initiative, and by facing up to problems and difficulties. Work must be carried out well, even in terms of external aspects such as presentation, punctuality, etc. As well as ensuring the quality of the work itself, it is important to help and respect the work of others: be open to clearing up questions, actively collaborate in group work, etc.
  • Present yourself appropriately: when considering what clothes to wear at university, it is important to keep in mind the professional context, but with a slightly more informal tone. In other words, you should avoid sportswear and extravagant and flashy clothing (tracksuits, short clothing, Bermuda shorts, flip-flops, etc.). However, male students aren’t expected to wear ties, for example, and female students don’t have to wear formal clothing, unless the School itself indicates otherwise.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner: as well as ensuring basic manners out of respect for people, such as speaking politely and not interrupting without a reason, the university setting must also contribute to a culture of hard work and responsibility that encourages learning. For example, attitudes that make it difficult for others to study or that cause distraction are not consistent with this approach.