Ph.D. in Management

Ph.D. in Management

Director’s Message

Welcome to the PhD in Management programme at the Pan-Atlantic University (PAU). Thank you for visiting our web page. I encourage you to browse through the page to access information about the programme, admission requirements and application procedures. At PAU we deliberately set out to be an oasis of excellence, peace and integrity, whatever may be happening in the general environment. We aim to offer world-class business education with a distinct relevance to Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. We emphasize the principle of the essential dignity of man as an emanation of the image of God and teach that profit-making and business success must be pursued in an atmosphere of respect for the individual and with a view to develop self-leadership, empower others and offer service to the community.

Each year our young programme admits a small number of talented students with research interests that fit well with those of Faculty. Our aim is to develop leaders with a well-rounded knowledge of management and in-depth knowledge of relevant specializations with an ability to generate new knowledge that will enhance the capacity of businesses, particularly in Africa and Nigeria. Such candidates may be expected to pursue a career in academics, research and policy development, and will be assisted to find suitable positions after their course of study. Students are generally provided with a stipend, full tuition and expected to devote full-time attention to their studies. They are afforded an exposure to empirical research and teaching within the University as well as overseas conferences, fellowships and study visits, as may be relevant. They also enjoy the rich network of our alumni and linkages with leading schools around the globe, the world of business and governments.

Study at PAU is not a chore; it is a lifestyle-changing and character-building experience. I hope you will decide to pursue your doctoral studies at PAU. If you have any need for further clarification please feel free to contact me, the Programme Administrator, or use the link provided to submit a question or comment. I wish you the best as you progress your academic career.


The basic curriculum of the PhD in management programme is designed to provide an exposure and familiarity to different aspects of management. This PAU doctoral programme provides a solid foundation for those who aspire to a career in the research, study, and teaching of the disciplines which underlay business administration. Emphasis is placed on the following learning objectives: To provide a solid knowledge of management and especially of the area of specialization of the candidate. To develop individuals capable of conducting research in areas of management research relevant to the Nigerian development. To develop individuals capable of knowledge creation and application of knowledge to solve relevant management challenges facing local and global companies and institutions. To develop the candidate’s teaching and facilitating skills.

A team of local and foreign-based faculty members will provide all the necessary support including teaching and supervision to enable you attain the world-class status as a doctoral graduate. The programme is designed to allow for close interaction with faculty members.


Doctoral students in management are expected to produce work that is publishable in major international journals.
Degree: At the end of the programme, the University will award a doctoral degree in management, with specialisation in one field of management.

General Requirement: This is a full-time programme; hence students are not expected to be employed outside of Pan-Atlantic University.

Duration: Typical duration for the programme is four years, including two years of course and research work and two years of dissertation work.

MPhil Degree: After the first two years, a Master of Philosophy in Management (MPhil) degree will be awarded to successful candidates.

PhD Degree: A Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD) degree with specialisation is awarded after the completion of an additional two years of dissertation work.

Academic Calender

The PAU PhD in Management programme begins in September each year and runs for four years.

First Year

Students spend their first year engaged in course work. Basic management courses may be included with the core PhD courses.

Second Year

Specialization seminars are done early in the second year after which students prepare for their MPhil thesis.

Third year

On successful completion of the MPhil stage, students begin their PhD work in the third year along with teaching practice.

Fourth Year

The core PhD dissertation work goes on in the fourth year ending with the dissertation.

Programme Content

The basic management curriculum of the PAU PhD in management programme is designed to provide an exposure and familiarity to different aspects of management. From the early stage, and throughout their doctoral study, students are encouraged to be actively involved in research activities with faculty members. The doctoral research activities are of two types: MPhil Thesis: The candidates are expected to conduct quality research in a management field to demonstrate competence in the research methodology learned in the first two years of the programme and to prepare for the challenges of conducting research during the dissertation phase. Dissertation Work: The candidates are expected to conduct quality research in their field of specialization leading to some original contribution to the body of knowledge in management. Research Quality: Students are expected to produce work that is publishable in major international journals. The University will sponsor a combined conference and research trip for each PhD student in his/her dissertation phase of the programme. That is, a trip to attend a major international conference could be combined with a trip to a quality foreign business school to conduct research and consult faculty of that school. Areas of Specialization: Currently there are six main areas students can specialize in. These are:
Operations Management

Business Ethics


Organisational Behaviour

Accounts/Finance Management


Information Session

A visit to the Pan-Atlantic University is welcome. In addition, an information session is held at the University once a year. At the session, you will be given extensive information about the PhD programme and the PAU environment. We invite you to participate in our next PhD in management information session at the following location:

Venue: To be announced

Date: To be announced

Time: To be announced

Further Enquiries

For further enquiries, please contact:
PhD in Management,
Pan-Atlantic University
c/o Lagos Business School
KM 22 Lekki-Epe Expressway
Ajah, Lagos


How to Apply

Application forms are available all year round. Forms should be completed online. Candidates for admission into the doctoral programme in management must satisfy the following requirements.
Admission Requirements: Submit a complete portfolio of documents for evaluation

A Masters degree (minimum CGPA of 3.0/5.0) from a recognised university

A good pre-admission statement of purpose

A good score in GMAT (minimum score of 500)

A three page research proposal Satisfactory performance in an oral interview process. Only candidates who met the complete requirements will be invited for the oral interview.

Application deadline: to be announced.

Please ensure you have Created an Account on this site and you are currently logged in before filling your registration form.


Applicants are encouraged to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and submit a copy of their unofficial test scores with their application. The GMAT code for Pan-Atlantic University (formerly Pan-African University) is 8NM-K2-36. The GMAC also sends an official test score report directly to us. For details on registering for the GMAT, please visit or Please note that no other entrance exam will be administered to applicants who do not submit their GMAT scores.

Fees And financial Support

Typically, financial support is provided on the basis of merit, to the PhD in management students in the form of Research Assistantship. The support covers all fees and provides a significant additional stipend to the students to cover living expenses and medical benefit, in the form of health insurance with one the leading HMOs in the country. Financial support for foreign research and exchange programmes are also included. The financial support decision is only made after the offer of admission to the students.