Olaniyi Evans

Olaniyi Evans

Mr Olaniyi Evans

Mr Evans currently leads courses on Business Mathematics and Economics. He graduated with first class honours in Economics and later with distinctions in MSc Economics from the University of Lagos. He is currently a PHD candidate in the same institution.

Prior to joining PAU in 2017, he had been an external consultant to individuals, corporate organizations and the public sector on numerous research projects. He was an adjunct lecturer in the Distance Learning Institute (University of Lagos), teaching econometrics, mathematical economics, statistics and public finance. He also worked as a researcher in the Lagos Business School (LBS).

He is the author of two books: “How to Get a First-class Degree” and “The Art of Research”. He has also published numerous articles on financial inclusion and policy in scholarly international journals. The focus of his current research is ICTs, technological innovation and the internet economy. His other areas of expertise are research, economic modelling, and dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) modelling.




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Book Chapters

Adeola, O., Ngoasong, M. Z., & Evans, O. (2017). The Gender Question and Family Entrepreneurship Research. In Knowledge, Learning and Innovation (pp. 159-176). Springer, Cham.