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Ownership of the University

Pan-Atlantic University is owned by the Pan-African University Foundation, a non-profit foundation registered in Nigeria.

The Trustees of the Foundation hold legal title to all the property of the University. Their main function is to ensure that the University remains faithful to its founding ideals and objectives without interfering in the University's governance and respecting its character as an academic institution. In order to carry out this function they are given by the University's Constitution the power to appoint and remove the Chancellor and the members of the Governing Council, to amend the Constitution, dispose of land and buildings of the University and order a visitation into the affairs of the University whenever they consider it necessary. All other powers in relation to the governance and management of the University are delegated to the Governing Council and through it to the other bodies created by the Constitution.

Pan-African University Foundation Trustees:

1.  Mr. Pascal Dozie Chairman
2.  Engr. Maurizio Fattarelli Member
3.  Prof. Olusola Kushimo Member
4.  Mr. Josh Valero Nunez Member
5.  Professor Steve Afolami Member
6.  Ms. Imelda Wallace Member
7.  Mrs. Mary Agbomma Agbu Member
8.  Ms. Olabisi T. E. Falodun Member