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Lagos is the chief port, most populous conurbation and the former capital of Nigeria. Contemporary Nigerian Art with its rich forms and content literally finds its root in Lagos. Being the initial capital of the country and the commercial nerve centre, the city played and still plays an important role in the development and propagation of the visual arts in Nigeria.

Scholars and Nigerian art aficionados agree that Lagos acted as a magnet for artists and art enthusiasts in early post-independence Nigeria. Majority of the artists featured under the Lagos Exhibition room though schooled in different art institutions all over Nigeria and abroad, many of them practiced and taught within Lagos metropolis. Some of them are still in active practice and their works command respect and audience in auctions and galleries within the metropolis.

The list of artists under the Lagos Exhibition room is not exhaustive, but subjective; from Abayomi Barber to Kolade Osinowo, Abiodun Olaku to Rom Isichei. These artists have different core specialities; realism, portraiture, abstract painting, landscape painting etc., however, their common denominator is their inimitable style. While some favour the rich exploitation of colours and lines, others delve into the surreal with their movement and forms favouring cubism and /or expressionism.

In all, this Exhibition room gives a view of Contemporary Nigerian art from the Lagos perspective.

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