The following accommodation options exist for PAU students:

Private Providers (on University Property)

There are independent organisations offering accommodation in single-sex hostels to students in PAU. These hostels are located on university property right next to the campus proper. They are all located within easy walking distance of all university facilities and provide the opportunity to build networks and friendships that will last a lifetime.

All hostels located on university property are committed to minimum standards and comply with University regulations. However, different hostels have different policies and students (& their parents/guardians) should choose those that accord with their preferences.

These hostels are responsible for the students they accommodate after working hours.

Female Hostels:


Phone numbers: 08102164333, 07036503695, 08102164312, 07046310437.



Trinity Hall

Phone numbers: 08090886281, 08058346676




Male Hostel:

Amethyst Hall

Phone numbers: 01-4605149, 08025050459




Private Rented Accommodation

The options here include renting a studio flat, a flat/apartment or sharing a house. These can be found in the towns surrounding the University. It is usually cheaper to share accommodation with others.