FAQ’s for PAU Undergraduate Programmes

What is the minimum entry qualification?

Five O’level credits in WAEC/ IGCSE/NECO/GCE or its equivalent.

The subjects for the corresponding courses are:

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Economics

English Language, Mathematics, Economics/Financial Accounting and any other subject.

  • Mass Communication

English Language, Mathematics, and any three subjects from Arts, Social Science.

  • Information Science and Media Studies

English Language, Mathematics, and any three subjects from Arts, Social Science or Sciences

Science subjects are acceptable for Information Science and Media studies.

Is there a minimum age for admission?
A candidate must be at least 16 years within the month that the session begins
What are the stages from application to admission?

  • Complete the application form online at sims.pau.edu.ng
  • Receive Admission letter
  • Submit the required documents

Who reviews the applications?
The evaluation board reviews all applications
What do I need to score in my JAMB exams?
the minimum JAMB approved cut-off mark for 2017
Is there a Screening exercise?
When can i apply?
The application for the year 2017/2018 Academic session will take place between March to September 2017.
Can I come in by Direct Entry?
Can I come in through inter University transfer?
How much does the Direct Entry / Transfer application form cost?
The Application form is N5,000 naira
Will there be any Oral interview?
What are the key things that you look out for in your ideal student?
Intelligence, character and financial capability.
Can I defer my admission once admitted?
Yes, but there will be a deferment fee.
Are there any quotas for certain types of students?
I have a disability. Can I still apply?
Are there any considerations for the disabled in the admission process?
No. We are an equal opportunity institution.
How long do I have after admission to complete the registration process?
Two weeks.
Is the application process the same for mature students?
Yes, there are no age limits.


Is it possible to know the faculty (i.e teaching staff) that would take courses?
Yes, students will have one-on-one interactions with our faculty.


How large would the classes be?
In most cases, the number of students is less than 40 in some, less than 80.

Living on Campus

Is on-campus accommodation guaranteed?
There are hostels in the University for students.
Is on-campus accommodation compulsory?
No. Students are free to make their choices.
What security measures are in place at the university?
The University has provided on-campus security for students and their property
Where will I take my meals?
There are cafeteria services within the campus. limited kitchenette provision are in some hostels.
What extra-curricular activities are available?
We have both indoor (guest speaker series) and outdoor sporting engagements in the sports arena.
Are there provision/facilities for the disabled on campus?
How much does the accommodation cost?

The cost of accommodation vary from hostel to hostel. Also you have opportunity of opting for a one-man room or multiple user room. For more detailed information visit the website of the hostel providers. Accommodation

Tuition Fees

How much is tuition per year?

  • Tuition Fees Per Student for 2017/2018 Academic Session
    • Undergraduate programmes Level II, III & IV
      • Accounting = ₦1,500,000
      • Business Administration = ₦1,500,000
      • Economics = ₦1,500,000
      • Information Science and Media Studies = ₦1,600,000
      • Mass Communication = ₦1,550,000
    • Undergraduate programmes Level I
      • Accounting = ₦1,600,000
      • Business Administration = ₦1,600,000
      • Economics = ₦1,600,000
      • Information Science and Media Studies = ₦1,800,000
      • Mass Communication = ₦1,700,000

    Students who have been admitted via Direct Entry are to pay the same amount as their classmates

    Fee Payment Structure

    A minimum of 50%  payable in each semester before registration.

What does tuition fee cover?
The fee covers educational instructions only.
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes. Fees can be paid in two equal installments. However, individual payment plans can be arranged.
Is there any form of financial aid such as scholarship/bursary?
Yes. For the tuition fee, scholarships will be offered to 15% of our students.
What criteria will be used to select the beneficiaries of the scholarship?

  • Academic excellence
  • Proven needs
  • Indigent candidates will be favourably considered.


What courses are available?

  • B.Sc Accounting
  • B.Sc Business Administration
  • B.Sc Economics
  • B.Sc Mass Communication
  • B.Sc Information Science & Media Studies (Digital Media)

Can I change my course of study after admission?
What about an international exchange programme?
No provision for that at the moment. 
What are my chances of getting a very good job after studying in your school?
PAU makes a lot of effort to provide efficient career services and entrepreneurial skills during and after the programmes. However we cannot guarantee jobs for students.
Do you have internship programme?
Yes, we have voluntary and compulsory internship.
Do all your courses of study include entrepreneurship?
There are regular entrepreneurial workshops and seminars for our students.
Is it possible to work and study?
All our undergraduate programmes are full time. There is however limited opportunity to work and study within the University in the University’s work/study programme.
Is there internet access on campus?
Yes. There is.